Five Things New Grads Need To Consider

financial tips for college grads

You’ve graduated from college. You’re ready for the real world.

Use these strategies to navigate five financial challenges facing new grads:

  1. Landing your first job. Before you start to interview, make sure your social-media profiles are employer-ready. And with the job market still tough, consider a post-graduate internship to get experience—and a foot in the door.
  2. Renting an apartment. Add up all costs beyond the base rent price—including utilities, parking, and other extras—before signing a lease. You also should have a renters insurance policy to protect against loss.
  3. Buying a car. Consider selling your current vehicle yourself—you could get more money vs. trading it in. When it’s time to shop for your new vehicle, get preapproved at IHMVCU.
  4. Paying off debt. Think about where you could cut back financially, and avoid taking on more debt. If you need guidance, talk with an IHMVCU financial services officer.
  5. Budgeting for expenses. Plug spending leaks by changing your habits. Pack your lunch, or brew coffee at home instead of springing for that specialty latte. Use personal finance applications to track spending, pay bills, and examine expenses.

Remember that graduating from college is something to be celebrated. Take time to honor your accomplishment. And, when it’s time to tackle the real world, remember that IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union is here to help with all of your financial transitions.

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